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Australia, Canada, and the UK!

Shipping / Handling

Yum Yum Gum is shipped in protective padded envelopes, and in the case of large orders, boxes.  We currently ship all of our products through the US Postal System, with options for standard, Priority, or Express shipping.  This allows us to ship at cost effective rates and be able to deliver to PO Boxes.

We ship most items within 1 business day, and some items the same day, if the order is received before our package pick-up.

Due to the large number of flavors we offer, at times, certain flavors may not be available.  If any of our items are backordered, or not available immediately, we will notify you by email.  You will have the option of wating for the backordered item, choosing a replacement item, or cancelling that item.


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Returns / Exchanges / Refunds

Because we offer so many flavors, some flavors may not be liked by everyone.  We can accept returns or exchanges for defective products or order mistakes that we have made, but because gum is a consumable product, we cannot accept returns for personal taste preferences.

Sometimes, we make mistakes.  If  you received the wrong flavor or defective product, please contact us and we will get you a replacement.