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Yum Yum Gum is truly a new and fun way to look at chewing gum. I have had the opportunity to try many different flavors and have yet to find something I do not like! The flavor and texture of the gum lasts for such a long time! Even my 4 yr old son loves Yum Yum Gum and has his favorite flavor...Cinnamon! It is amazing that a company can offer as many different flavors as Yum Yum Gum does and every piece remains sugar free and is safe for your teeth. I would strongly suggest to have fun while ordering, even if its your first time! Once you start to sample all the different flavors, you will be hooked!!! You won't be disappointed!

-Ashley, NC

Yum Yum Gum is the best! I Love the flavors and the chew of the gum! The flavor lasts a long time. Sour watermelon is one of my favs but with 100 flavors to choose from I'm sure I will have many more favs!

-Saffiyah, OH

My entire family loves Yum Yum Gum. My three-year-old asks for it by name. This is the only gum she likes to chew now. There are flavors for the entire family. It's fun just to sit around and sample all of the flavors because they are so spot on. If you've never had it now is a great time to try it. It's the best!

-Melissa, OH

I just ordered 10 different flavors and my family loves each one. There is no favorite, they love them all!

-Justin, OH

Best gum I have ever tried and love it!!! Love the tubes that it comes in - stays fresh in the protective tube. A burst of flavor that lasts a long time. Enjoy!!!!

-Sandi, OH

These flavors are awesome. My kids love this gum and so do my husband and I. We love that there are adult friendly flavors and kid ones too!! The guys who own the shop are great!!!

-Denise, OH

This gum is so yum yum. There are so many flavors to choose from, it's almost hard to pick! They have regular gum flavors, but they have so many more that you just don't find in the grocery store aisle! Very unique and tasty!

-Alex, OH

Love the gum....love the tube....love the huge variety of flavors....It's my new favorite!

-Lori, OH

I heard about YumYum gum through a substitute at my workplace. I am so glad she told me about this gum. I've anticipated the day they opened their website and I am still anticipating the day the actual store opens. By far my favorite flavor is Caramel Popcorn;, it has that nostalgic flavor and I fell in love with the flavor. For being gum that doesn't have aspertame in it, I was amazed on how good and sweet the gum was. I am also happy with the affordable prices, the affordable shipping, and the extraordinary friendly service. I will be ordering gum a lot and expect to see my face when you open your store quite a bit. I hope to try all 100 flavors, and possibly new ones you make down the line.

-Amanda, OH

The gum is very flavorful and different. I want to try more.

-Chris, OH

Stopped by the store in Cuyahoga Falls, and was pleasantly surprised! There are so many gum flavors to choose, and the are REALLY good! The flavor lasts a LONG time. It's fun to mix two tablets and create a new flavor too...I made Squirt soda flavor with a Lemon and Grapefruit!

-Ron, OH

Love the Yum Yum Gum Store. Another to take my grandchildren for fun.

-Coach Meneer, OH

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