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Yum Yum Gum Cola Flavor
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The sound of the cap popping off the top, the fizz dancing on your tongue, and oh that classic taste! Cola has a nostalgic place in the heart of so many people. Cola walks us down memory lane to a simpler time. We wanted to recreate more than a taste with our cola flavored gum, we wanted to capture that magical feeling. So taste a little bit of childhood with Yum Yum Gum.

  • Comes in the unique reasealable flip-top tube - easy to carry in your pocket, purse, or backpack.
  • Contains 32-35 pieces per tube. (based upon weight) 10mm diameter pieces
  • Container dimensions 3.25" tall by 1" diameter
  • Sugar free - only 2 calories per piece.
  • Contains Xylitol - a natural sugar alcohol that helps prevent cavities.
  • No aspartame -  we don't like it either.

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